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It was an exciting year for Vala. Vala and Daniel moved in together in January, and after a brief freak-out when she finds an engagement ring in his drawer, Vala realizes that she and Daniel are becoming very serious. Daniel proposed to her on their one-year dating anniversary (which also happened to be Valentine's day.), and she immediately began planning the wedding. There were some bumps along the way, however; Vala found herself in an inner conflict between getting home and staying on the island.

Vala also began to work on healing her relationship with Adria and the two began to grow much closer. By March, her confusion about her happy life on the island came to a head when she sold explosives to Boyd, knowing he was intending to do some kind of serious damage to the island in order to strike out against Atia. The event resulted in a war over the summer, and Vala attempted to repress her involvement by fighting on the side of Atia against Poseidon - while, of course, continuing to find time to plan her wedding.

Vala and Daniel were married in June, once the war was over. Sam served as the Best Man on the groom's side, while Carolyn acted as Maid of Honor, along with Adria and Rose as bridesmaids. The wedding went smoothly (barring a near brawl started by Jack Harkness and his hard-headed girlfriend) and Vala and Daniel moved into a house that Carolyn gave to them as a wedding gift.

There was a rough patch with Vala and Carolyn, when Vala once again meddled too far into Carolyn's personal relationships and caused some trouble with Julian Bashir. It was eventually resolved - at least, between Carolyn and Vala, although she and Bashir are still not on particularly good terms - and life moved on as normal for a while.

Samantha Carter left the island in September, which was difficult to Vala who saw her as the matriarch of the Stargate family that was left. A couple months later, Rose left as well, and it was a hard blow for Vala. By the end of the year, she was slowly beginning to recover from the losses of one of her closest friends and her adopted daughter. She still runs Out of the Gutter, the bowling alley, and by year's end her employees were Rodney McKay and Elena Gilbert.

I intend to retire Vala this year. She celebrated her three-year anniversary at Amat in November, and has had a long and wonderful arc in the game that seems to be naturally coming to a close.


In which Vala and Daniel move in together.

In which Vala and Daniel get engaged.

In which Vala sells some weapons.


In which Vala puts her bridesmaids in totally hideous dresses.

In which Vala and Daniel get married.

In which Vala makes a pie.

In which Vala is a horrible, horrible friend.

In which Vala says goodbye to Sam.

In which Vala intends to throw a party.

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