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The jack o' lantern grinned horrifically at Daniel as he balanced it in once hand, forcing his key into the lock and stumbling into the door. It had actually been Teal'c creation; Mitchell had decided that swapping pumpkins after they carved them was some kind of brilliant bonding ritual. And had Daniel known, he probably would have spent less time meticulously carving his own.

At least, he thought, Sam had ended up with his, so at least it was someone who could appreciate it.

He deposited the lopsided pumpkin on the table along with his keys and his wallet. The evening had been long, but none-the-less enjoyable. He had spent it talking shop, bantering with Vala, and laughing while Teal'c tried to explain Halloween to her while they drank beer and watched horror movies. If nothing else, Mitchell had seemed pleased by the outcome. And Daniel was just ready to go to sleep.

Stumbling into his room, he didn't bother to turn on the light. Retrieving a pair of sweatpants and a shirt from his dresser, he changed quickly and yawned dramatically before pawing his way to his bed in the dark.

Lifting the cover, he slipped underneath, stretching his legs. And then his feet made contact with a warm, solid lump that really should not have been there. )

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